File for a Protective Order

Georgia's Family Violence Act helps victims get a Family Violence, Stalking or Dating Violence Temporary Protective Order (TPO) which orders your abuser to stay away from you and can also decide on housing, custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, and personal property. Forsyth County has two court appointed victim advocates available to assist you in completing all the documents required:

Sheriffs’ victim advocates: 678-455-8458 or Family Haven: 770-789-1913.

The documents are also available at the online Law Library under Domestic Violence: Please be aware that the Clerk’s office cannot assist in completing the documents, only the victim advocates.

There is no cost to file for a TPO.

There will be a hearing within 30 days where both sides can present evidence.

If needed, you have the right to a free interpreter during the TPO hearing. You can request the court to arrange for one.